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Getting prepared for Christmas Vol.2. : bejgli

bejgli from the Taste of Memories countryside kitchen

This winter lacks on snow so far. Áron is happy about the fact because he doesn’t like shovelling snow, but I am dreaming about the romantic snowy landscape of Bakony mountain not taking into consideration the traffic difficulties that it might cause. Instead of snow there are cold, windy days and mornings with hoar frost….

Getting prepared for Christmas Vol.1. :Vaníliás kifli (vanilla crescents)

vaníliás kifli from the Taste of Memories countryside kitchen

I am sitting in my grandmother’s living room and listening to her while she is telling stories. I love her stories. Stories about her youth and childhood. When snow crackled below their feet while they were walking to the church. She remembers the carol singers, who visited each house singing Christmas carols. The smell of…

The scent of home- fonott kalács /Hungarian braided sweet bread

Regular Taste of Memories readers know already, that I am big fan of yeasted doughs. It is like a passion which I try to control, but time to time I must come up with a recipe, moments when I cannot resist and I must bake! Fonott kalács, in English braided sweet bread is ideal for breakfast…

Gesztenyepüré, chestnut puree with whipped cream

chestnut puree with whipped cream from the Taste of Memories countryside kitchen

Halloween is celebrated in a completely different way in Hungary, than in English-speaking countries. It is about remembrance family members and friends who are gone. It is partly sad but also somehow beautiful because we go to the cemeteries together with our families and light candle for the ones who are not with us any…