Chocolate cream with wild strawberries from the Taste of Memories country kitchen www.tasteofmemories.comWhy do you call your blog Taste of Memories?
Tastes have a wonderful ability to recall memories even decades later. They can bring up feelings, smells, and unforgettable moments. Taste of Memories is a cozy virtual kitchen inviting for cooking, chatting and eating delicious food, where we can meet up time to time and talk about country life, forgotten but rediscovered traditions, food and tastes which recall memories and create new ones. To read more how the idea of Taste of Memories was born click here

Who takes the photographs and who is on the photos?
I do all photos and I am on the photos. I like working on my own, this is the way I can focus and immerse in my own little world. My only company during work is Beeper our dog.

What kind of camera & lenses do you use?
I use a Canon 5D Mark III with Canon 50 mm 1.4, 100 mm Macro and 24-70 mm Mark II lenses.

How did you learn photography & food styling?
I am primarily self-taught. I found food photography as a way of self-expression thanks to the chief-editor of a Hungarian home and lifestyle magazine Ildikó Boda, who believed in me and encouraged me to start learning how to take good pictures of food, so I was able to write and photograph my own gastronomic section in the magazine- 3000 km away from my country.
Obviously I had a very strong desire for learning. Meanwhile I attended a workshop by Luisa Morón, a fantastic food photographer from Málaga and I had also one-to-one classes with her which inspired me tremendously. I am grateful for her support and all the knowledge she shared with me during this time.
After then I just practised, took pictures one after the other one and never gave up even if I was hopeless because the result was far from the one I pictured in my brain. And still I am learning every day. I participate regularly the Food Photo Festival in Vejle and grab every opportunity to improve my skills.

I heard that food photography is all about fake ingredients: mashed potatoes instead of ice cream, shaving foams instead of whipped cream. Do you use any tricks like that?
My boyfriend Áron would be highly disappointed if I served shaving foam as a dessert…. So my answer is definitely no. In my blog everything is what it seems. As I used to say to my friend Meli, who is a fabulous portrait photographer: the advantage of food photography – compared to portraits- is that you can eat your subjects…

Are you professionally trained in cooking?
I have a degree in economic sciences but after years and years of work at a multinational company I realised that I definitely prefer a stove to a desk so I got a training in cooking, was an apprentice in a French restaurant in Avignon/Provence and later on I opened my own restaurant called Bistro 181 in the heart of Budapest which I ran for 2 years. Read more about my story here

Can I use one of your photos on my site or in my magazine?
The entire contents of this site are protected by copyright. Please do not use anything without my permission. If you have any questions or request please send me an email to emlekekize (at) emlekekize (dot) hu or use the contact form.

Beside of the blog where else can we see your photos, recipes or meet you personally?
For two and a half years I had my own gastronomic section in a Hungarian home and lifestyle magazine, called Otthon. Jamie Oliver Magazin Hungary published a few of my recipes too and I am looking forward to any initiative which reconciles with my blog’s concept.
Two of my photos were exhibited in the Light Grey Art Lab gallery in Minneapolis as part of the TOBEYOU exhibition about personal narratives, tales, storytelling and memories.
Time to time the blog steps out of the virtual space, so in June on a nice summer afternoon we had a Taste of Memories picnic in the garden of the Dezső Lackó Museum in Veszprém. I baked cookies and scones and told stories about dreams, cooking and finding purpose in life.

I would have and idea for cooperation, how can I contact you?
Great! Please send me and email to emlekekize (at) emlekekize (dot) hu

I’d like to advertise on your blog. What are your rates?
Thank you for asking, but I don’t accept ads on my site in order to keep its style as clean and minimalist as possible.

Who helped you with your website and created visual elements ?
Two of my friends helped me. László Andirkó from Solevision supported me with technical matters and László Kraker Szabó created the logo and visual elements.