máj, 04, 2022

Hello dear friends,

Fotó: Egyed Meli @meliegyed

here I am to finally break the silence!
Although I don’t seem to be active on Taste of Memories blog and feed, in the meantime I have been working on a few very exciting and heartwarming projects, which I am going to reveal to you soon.

In the last 1,5 years, since our son was born, my priority was to collect memories of the intangible moments of happiness, of significant and seemingly minor but unforgettable milestones. I try to memorize everything to be able to remember and to tell the stories, and more often than not time seems to be accelerated and it feels like a slap in the face how quickly our days pass by, as sand is pouring through one’s fingers.
Due to the lack of sleep I often spend my days in a state of delirium while trying to get to know the new “me”, the woman, who I have become being a mother. Slowly I get to deeply understand that real freedom doesn’t mean the lack of constraints but rather the perseverance in our choices.

In the meantime I turned 40, I learnt how to sleep anytime and anywhere, somebody said the word “mom” to me (and in this case, I am the mom!) and two of my big dreams connected to Taste of Memories are slowly getting shape.
However, some things still haven’t changed. The rays of sun still magically light up the Bakony hills. Our dog, Beeper is still keen on fallen apples, our cat, Gata still considers herself as self-contained, although she runs for the first call, and only slows her last few steps down, when she realises that she has behaved herself way too obedient for a cat.
As for me, I still want to cook and bake, more and better even if this desire is highly limited due to circumstances. Because sometimes, if somebody takes my hand, calls me “mom”, pulls me down to the carpet, pats the spot next to him and brings a storybook, well… then the coffee will cool down, the milk bread will be over-proofed and scone baking will be postponed. And the world seems to stop for a while…

I am going to share some exiting news with you soon, stay tuned!
Until then I am sending you sunny greetings from the Bakony hills.

Lots of love

Judit Neubauer

Judit Neubauer is a food photographer, chef and writer living in a small village in Northwestern Hungary. Her bilingual blog, Taste of Memories is about life in the Hungarian countryside. While she is bringing new life into the 90 year-old house and orchard of 18 fruit trees she cooks and bakes her family’s old recipes and tries to preserve traditions and old knowledge about how to live in rhythm and harmony with nature.

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